Il y a une quantité phénoménale de sites chrétiens sur le Web. Certains sont à fuir comme la peste. D’autres sont intéressants mais pêchent parfois par des prises de position étranges. Je suis tombé sur des sites soi-disant chrétiens mais dont le contenu est carrément satanique. D’autres enfin sont de vrais sites chrétiens où l’ont peut y trouver une nourriture spirituelle digne de ce nom. Voici ma sélection choisie :

Le Blog de Henri Viaud-Murat






Demeurer en Jésus

Disciples de Christ

Gloire à Dieu

Le temple de Jésus-Christ

L’amour de la vérité

Livre de l’Apocalypse

Enseignements de Jean-Marc Thobois

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  1. gavulal

    It contains many programs that you could use in order to learn a new language. It sports a clean and intuitive graphical interface with many tools.

    You can find all the results in for LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English – Albanian. I hope that you found the answers of LingvoSoft Suite 2008 English – Albanian what you were looking for. If not, you can share your problem or question on the comments section below.Q:

    Assistance w/ database questions, a

    6add127376 gavulal

  2. wilkali

    Select from over 20 themes and more than 40 individual tweaks for the appearance of your OS:

    – Update XP theme.
    – New password.
    – Hide the Desktop and TaskBar.
    – Fill the bottom panel with other objects.
    – Install other wallpaper.
    – Change the theme in the system tray.
    – Possibilities are infinite – that’s why the list is powered by your desires.
    If you are using Windows XP you can get the latest version of this program

    6add127376 wilkali

  3. jaqhar

    The built-in music player enables you to play and manipulate your music collection much more convenient and easily.
    MusicFinder also features a full music library search to enable you to locate and download any song from their catalog. It covers the big names as well as independent and emerging artists that you might be interested in. It contains approximately 60,000+ songs in a wide variety of genres. Another feature of MusicFinder is an equalizer with presets, which will enable you to better manage and

    6add127376 jaqhar

  4. benfri

    Download Inter Milan Windows 7 Theme and enjoy it on your home desktop or notebook.
    Only in Microsoft Windows 7.Kyla Babbley

    Kyla Babbley (born 1986) is a Paralympian athlete from New Zealand competing mainly in category F51 javelin throw. She competed in the javelin throw at the 2012 Summer Paralympics and won a silver medal.

    Personal history
    Babbley was born in 1986. Born with

    6add127376 benfri

  5. inarson

    Permazen Java Edition contains CQL queries, the latest JDBC drivers. It contains the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) drivers to allow programs like JSP, Servlets, JEE, etc. to interface with the Permazen database. It has been tested with Mysql, Postgresql and Sqlite databases.
    Permazen Java Edition download includes a zip file that contains the installer executable and the zip files containing the Java JDBC

    6add127376 inarson

  6. harlis

    4.88 MB

    PS/2 Sensors PDM-14 – Drivers and Software The only product that can detect, diagnose and monitor PS/2 Sensors is now Aneja Enterprise. Aneja Enterprise provides the following PS/2 Sensor & I/O Card driver models: – Profiles for PDM-14 F1, F2, F3, F4, F7, F8, F9, F10, F12, F14,

    6add127376 harlis

  7. gavrfea

    Download and play
    Winpenguins can be freely downloaded from Github, where it contains the installer package and the source code in any text editor of your choice.Q:

    Celery – task_runs_name attribute not accessible

    I am using Celery with RabbitMQ, and I keep getting this error when trying to see the task_runs_name attribute on an instance of Celery:
    File « /usr/local/lib/python2.7

    6add127376 gavrfea

  8. egbifyn

    With this particular utility, the daunting task of reversing and modifying legacy code will become rather simple and fun.

    Application Type:



    System Requirements for Use (Windows):

    Running the Application


    Application Description

    VBReFormer seems perfect, because it gets the tasks done for you and actually does help you put together a great application that can do virtually anything. It gives you full accessibility to the software code on all levels

    6add127376 egbifyn

  9. annwen

    « Time and the Sky » is the term used by astronomers when they do their calculations to predict where to point your telescope in order to get a good view on a star, a planet, or a deep sky object.
    To accomplish this, it takes 3 numbers: the time you want the observation to start, the time you want to finish, and the orientation of your telescope.
    The application then calculates all the variables that have to be considered to get that perfect observation time, then

    6add127376 annwen

  10. bertamm

    Project files can be loaded without a web or HTTP context. Up to
    150 items can be loaded synchronously in one package.

    Complete file sources are seamlessly embedded

    The available GraphML format loader can navigate through complex
    attributes, which allow you to create dynamic user interfaces.

    Share the KnowledgeBase graphically

    A structured view of multiple diagrams enables users to store and organize your KnowledgeBase permanently.

    Simple-to-use infrastructure

    The Tool

    6add127376 bertamm

  11. talmjon

    And since there are no other options to help you with the installation, you have to make one thing clear right now: if you are looking for an all-in-one Christmas screensaver, you don’t need this app.

    what kinda people those one who make these kind of lame software that cant read the descriptions on it.
    get a try on
    Tune CD Library
    #1.1Online radio stations /proggy muzik
    2. On the left side,

    6add127376 talmjon

  12. handmani

    Excellent option to play a file already loaded, through to see their media information
    Packed with a Java runtime required version
    A wide range of supported formats
    Jbiteo Video Player is a desktop software, meaning you need to download it from the developers’ site
    Subtitles are not layered by default
    Jbiteo Video Player can only be accessed as a desktop application in Java edition

    #5. Goduke Video Media Player

    Free Download

    6add127376 handmani

  13. darnneil

    This is a fast and easy-to-use video to photo converter capable of automatically selecting the best clip from your video file, and applying a state of the art « HDR effect » to it. Simply load your video and photo files, choose an HDR effect, select the new file for output, and forget about the rest of the things. S

    H.A.M.P! is a complete post-processing software for photographers and designers which completely revolutionized how photos

    6add127376 darnneil

  14. divoaldr

    A benefit of operating the laser in a professional way is to eliminate all issues that could have been caused by the improper use of the machine, as is appropriate with a certified professional cutter. In order to accomplish this, high-quality cutters are equipped with quality optics, which are most likely to require some learning time (training), but which will pay off in the long run.
    There are many online tutorials where you can learn the basics of prepping, engraving and cutting paths

    6add127376 divoaldr

  15. janbri

    The tool did a good job of managing both email addresses and URLs, and features a well-organized and intuitive control panel.
    All in all, Dynamic IP Tracker is a reliable and affordable utility that can be useful in many different situations.
    Bottom line
    This simple tool was created by Elite Internet, a digital marketing agency established in 2011. The purpose of the developers is to provide a wide variety of software solutions to its client companies across the globe, specifically to improve the user experience.

    6add127376 janbri

  16. silsell

    right into your jEdit workspace, without the necessity to make a copy of the files and to add or remove parts of the code (screenshot from a practical example):

    CscopeFinder can be used either as a one time find at a project by project basis or as a regular find tool:

    The nice thing about cscopeFinder for jEdit is that the plugin will ask for authorization into the workspace at the time it is required and will not ask for the admin password

    6add127376 silsell

  17. betpri

    ■ Supports advanced options.

    is available free of charge. You can have the option to purchase KSTray Premium. Let KSTray
    show you how high KSTray
    is. There are two versions of KSTray; KSTray Public and KSTray.

    Please do not use this trial version to check KSTray Premium.

    The difference between the two versions is the following:
    KSTray Public 05e1106874 betpri

  18. deartan

    It also corrects for a series of known problems with the built-in multi-purpose AGC, which is not a true AGC. The excellent feature set makes the KTAudioHealer ready for many applications. The KTAudioHealer VSt plugin is covered by a standard KTAudioHealer pricing structure.

    Unique Audio Correction Algorithms

    The KTAudioHealer VSt plugin contains unique algorithms, based on the KTAudioHealer implementations and design. By using these audio correction algorithms, you can make the audio’sound’ better than with any other unit 05e1106874 deartan

  19. burocea

    This feature was implemented to try to find undocumented interfaces and the class names of the interfaces and their COM objects. This in theory should also help in finding undocumented CLSIDs and even OLE servers. The CLSID value is part of the registry scan, which means a OLE server can have several CLSIDs per interface.
    While this tool scans the entire Registry branch for interfaces, it will stop if it encounters a root key which does not have the name « HKCU ». This name was chosen 05e1106874 burocea

  20. olamberm

    How is the structure of the empty phosphorus sesquioxide K3P2 2×2’3P3 2x’: a comparison of experimental and theoretical results.
    K(3)P(2) 2x(2) 2x(2)’3P(3) 2x is one of the eight molecules from the complete K(3)P(2) 2×2 family and one of the ten yet unsolved structures of the series K(3)P(n 8cee70152a olamberm

  21. carmong

    installed and properly working
    ■ A JS file to be inserted into pages. Permissions:
    ■ Owe of the following: « allowScriptAccess=sameDomain »
    ■ Display these widgets on Web sites with Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and later.
    Include the full JPEG file when you send images from your computer to the web site.
    Site Script included Font Variation (Powwow Collection)
    Requires the Font Variation (Powwow Collection) 8cee70152a carmong

  22. wealolim

    After converting multiple PDF files, you can either export the results to a PDF or save them to your PPTX conversion destination. You also have the option to preview the output in case there are any obvious mistakes.
    The free version’s limited license generates a conversion of less than eight pages. However, you can upgrade to Ultimate version which is ad-free.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    66cf4387b8 wealolim

  23. warrgoma


    Applying a function to each vertice of a graph

    How can I apply a function to each element of a graph and then produce a single graph based on that?
    For example, given a random geometric graph as a graph with random integer weight as a function applied to each vertice:

    How can I get a new graph based on that?
    Actually, what I am asking is:
    Given a graph with an integer function applied to each
    66cf4387b8 warrgoma

  24. marjwesi

    Calling all users: is your computer almost always on? There are many reasons for this, be it the abundance of Internet Explorer, Windows task bar, pre-installed apps or PUPs. However, this does not excuse the fact that almost any and every Windows PC is starting to hog resources faster and faster. This is a direct consequence of these programs taking over the machine’s performance and crushing one after another, even very popular downloads.
    TopLoader is another potentially useful program
    66cf4387b8 marjwesi

  25. necelli

    Moreover, note images are built in: Just drag the text in one note, then drag images into the other! Save notes using a standard file name, and/or using a custom prefix. Note images are a plain text file, where each new note is « sewn » right under the prior note: Highlight any text in the notes by Ctrl-clicking anywhere inside the note text. Double-click any word (image?) to make it the new focus.
    If you find Rh
    66cf4387b8 necelli

  26. phyblad

    Miguel Moreno

    Miguel Moreno is a huge fan of all things technological, and he holds the passion to inform and entertain other Windows users. In his spare time, Miguel is working on several side projects, from which he plans to release new apps that will cover diverse topics, so make sure to check the Android Robin Hood application, The Software Lab, and few more.

    At Ashampoo, our goal is that you are completely satisfied with your copy of Windows.
    66cf4387b8 phyblad

  27. gusdill

    Chameleon Explorer Pro is a reliable software solution designed to function as an alternative to the Windows File Explorer, being able to replace it, yet preserving support for its plugins.
    Approachable and user-friendly appearance
    A dedicated context menu can be called out using your middle mouse button or the Win+A key combination, enabling you to access any of the most important folders from your computer with a click.
    The main window of the program displays the contents of the selected folder,
    ec5d62056f gusdill

  28. conndyl

    You simply launch it from the Desktopicon, set it to run automatically, and it will always notify you when new tunes have been added or your music collection changed. If you run it without specifying a scheduled time, you will always have a notification either after an hour, or when you reboot your PC (if placed on Startup). If you increase the number of homegroup sharing devices, TinyTunes also notifies you, providing a log on the PC or Mac side (Windows only). The best
    ec5d62056f conndyl

  29. henpriy

    at start-up is annoying
    ■ it only operates for sheet music and some piano tablature.


    Pianolist is also a good one. It has a simple interface (that is able to read music files), and you can treat it as a virtual piano keyboard.

    Ontario will have another wage hike for government employees on Thursday, even as they agreed to delay other major hiking initiatives.

    The province is proposing a one per cent
    ec5d62056f henpriy

  30. ndebrang

    There may also be other users. We wish you a pleasant internet journey, and if you wish it, here is the download link.

    Some malware compromises are attributed to the use of crypto-ransomware. A form of ransomware that can be attributed is crypto tools and a few of its variants of the various ways of compromising can be attributed to social engineering. It is essential to be careful when downloading crypto tools or software. With the rising popularity of ransom ware viruses and how easy it
    ec5d62056f ndebrang

  31. amagarr

    NGSSQuirreL for Oracle performs the most thorough round-the-clock Oracle audits possible and is the best and most affordable solution for them.

    Some critically interesting changes related to AMX and Hyperion ETL products will be introduced for future. For the current release 2.7.0, AMX modeler Visual programming environment has been packaged based on EMF-2.43.Multiple endocrine neoplasia type II (MEN2) with a pituitary
    ec5d62056f amagarr

  32. marioba

    Publisher’s description:
    Rykon Server is the only server software designed exclusively for Windows 2000/XP. Start a server, publish your website content and manage it using the web browser or local devices. Run your server under system account or choose a local user to run it.

    What’s new in this version:

    v.1.1.1: Cleaned all unknown errors.

    – Update to newer W
    ec5d62056f marioba

  33. marasev

    ​Please note that the 64k limit of DOS EDIT is only imposed by my programming skills and not an actual limit. If you can make it work in 64K, it can be done. I’m routinely modifying files up to 623K long (and this from someone with 12M RAM!).

    « TARGET » is a tiny portable XML editor (compiled under BeOS R4.0, 64k RAM, 230kb ROM) ideal for going the rest of the way
    50e0806aeb marasev

  34. verbtal


    The MdspDuckDelay plugin has a number of parameters:

    – **Amount** – Specifies the amount of output signal which the plugin produces, when there is a certain amount of input signal.
    – **Delay offset** – Specifies the milliseconds between the voice and the delayed voice in the output signal.
    – **Attenuation** – Specifies
    50e0806aeb verbtal

  35. barete

    The registration on our site is free and you’ll be given the login credentials needed to access the chat program directly from your browser.
    All4talk Messenger’s interface is very simple to understand. This utility will allow you to quickly start a chat with friends, colleagues or any other person online.
    A smiley icon will let you chat with multiple friends simultaneously, and the chat window can be closed by pressing the X in the upper right corner of the window.
    You can also add a home
    50e0806aeb barete

  36. valice

    The reader provides a very neat and clean user interface.

    Unlike most of readers that may scan the page and display a number of news items in chronological order according to the date and time of updates, EKE Desktop RSS Reader is a offline reader that displays only the headlines of news items as it scans. It displays the date and time of news articles so that you can easily check the date of the most recent update. It will also display a number of comments from your readers that will be updated
    50e0806aeb valice

  37. dawnar

    Shortcuts are a big part of the Windows operating system. Following some tips for Microsoft Edge shortcuts lets you save time.

    Microsoft Edge Shortcuts could have you saving time with your Internet browser. This is a bold claim for a web browser. But Microsoft Edge does have a plethora of features that make it different than it’s competitors. One such feature is the ease at which you can perform the most common tasks. Microsoft Edge shortcuts are a big part of this process.
    Microsoft Edge Shortcuts
    In the Windows operating system, one of the features that you appreciate the most is the ability to place keyboard shortcuts on your home
    50e0806aeb dawnar

  38. herbfred

    To start the test you can run the executable directly.

    The ScrSavPw is NOT a virus, but an upgrade for the normal screensaver password database. It basically records the new password and forgets the previous one. You can choose between storing the passwords in the Registry or in the current folder on your desktop. The installation file overwrites the existing install directory.


    Version download Size 3824

    Donate via Paypal $25
    50e0806aeb herbfred

  39. patrkahl

    The entire unit table is also included at the  »Unit-Tables ».
    iTunes Store Preview

    AppAdvice does not own this application and only provides images and links contained in the iTunes Search API,
    to help our users find the best apps to download. If you are the developer and would like your app
    added, please try contacting us and we will be happy to consider your application.
    50e0806aeb patrkahl

  40. jantcec

    Where is My Visual Studio 2015?

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 is the most established version of the celebrated Windows Development platform. As an individual who is attempting to ease the transition from MSVC 2013 to MSVC 2015, you will be happy to know that the scripting assistance provided by Visual Studio 2015 is pretty substantial.
    I am trying to move an existing MSVC 2010 project over to VS 2015. Read the article below to understand why I chose to do this the MSVC 2013 way,
    50e0806aeb jantcec

  41. caisnad

    A simulator in which particles obey Newtonian dynamics in a bounded three-dimensional space is used to simulate the motion of particles in many different contexts. The user interacts with each model using a custom user interface and environment design tool. Over 10,000 educators, college faculty and K-16 teachers are already using MW.
    MW’s mission is to create an open-source, scholarly, state-of-the-art simulation platform that is freely available to educators and scientists that is simple enough to be
    50e0806aeb caisnad

  42. Help for Ukraine

    magnificent publish, very informative. I ponder why the opposite experts of this sector don’t understand this. You should continue your writing. I’m sure, you have a huge readers’ base already!

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